Following the success of the 23-24 Season Ticket Campaign with Brentford FC, we were thrilled to be commissioned for the 24-25 campaign. This project aimed to build on the previous season’s momentum with the “Heart of Our Club” theme, ensuring supporters felt deeply connected to the club and part of the foundations.

Brentford’s unique approach to the playing side of the game is mirrored to the club’s approach to the community. We felt that this was a story worth talking about and something for fans to be proud of.

We designed and built a set featuring a large collection of vintage and club scarves, each representing legendary players, memorable eras, and significant stories from the club’s history. This scarf wall created a unique backdrop for fans from all ages and demographics, highlighting the inclusivity and passion Brentford are known for.

The campaign resonated strongly on social media, reinforcing the idea that each supporter is a vital and deeply connected part of the club.