For the 2024-25 season, the Football Association made a pioneering decision to have all England teams, including men’s, women’s, development, and para teams, wear the same kit. This initiative aimed to symbolise unity and togetherness across all levels of English football.

A set was created that had subtle nods to England’s core colours alongside a neutral off-white base colour. The set was further accessorised with classically English props such as a Red Chesterfield and traditional English wooden stadium seating, along with simple and contemporary seats and stools.

Players from all teams were arranged shoulder to shoulder, maintaining equal emphasis on each individual. Subtle lighting techniques highlighted facial features and added warmth to skin tones. A variety of images were captured, including the key group visual and solo shots.

The final image successfully showcased players from every England team standing together, exuding pride and unity. A national out of home campaign was utilised for the initial launch across England’s major cities.